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Proudly sharing pics of past kittens produced ENJOY!

Past F1 Savannah Kittens

Past F2 Savannah Kittens

Female F2’s

Male F2’s

Past F3 Savannah Kittens

Just a little mischief


Testimonials from happy owners!

I debated and talked to a lot of people before I bought Jagger. After exactly 2 years of owning him, I can’t imagine life without him. He has beautiful markings, weighs in at just under 30 pounds but more than that is his personality. He absolutely loves people, which I was under the impression Savanna’s weren’t prone to do, and actually runs to the door when the doorbell rings. He looks like a wild cat with the personality of a golden retriever. The best decision I made was going to a breeder who knows exactly what she’s doing as well as the best way to socialize these cats. His personality is so cool. Loves everybody and I can play rough and gentle with him both. Yeah….way beyond opening doors now….waiting for him to steal my car next! Looks wise he’s pretty awesome as well isn’t he?

Alan – F1 Savannah

Just wanted to let you know he made it up here safely. He is gorgeous. The pictures I have from before don’t do him justice. It was so cute when he got home, because the moment I set his crate down in my room he starting purring and hasn’t stopped. He walked out of his crate and started asking for attention. You raise some pretty amazing kittens!

Heather – F2 Savannah

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