Reference Cats From The Past

These cats are for reference purposes only.

Serval Cat, Little Beam, The Son of High Beam (DOB: 10-08-06)

He sired only one female F1 Savannah, the infamous Kioja (62.5%). He was devoted to only one girl, Ducci (F2).

Serval Cat, High Beam (Beamer)

“High Beam” or Beamer was the first Serval for my Savannah breeding program. This boy has an incredible temperament and bred a few of my girls producing only a few kittens. I was in the process of moving and did not have any pens built for any of the cats at the time, so I loaned him to my friend Janet. At the time she had 3 female Servals that were related to her males and she asked if she could use Beamer. Of course, Beamer was happy to oblige, and he became so settled in and comfortable that I decided to leave him with Janet and replace him with a son. Beamer now resides with Janet and is a very happy boy, with his beautiful harem of Serval girls!

Kioja, 62.5% F1 Savannah

Kioja was the only offspring of Ducci (F2 Savannah) and Beamer (Little Beam). She proved to be infertile.

Amara’s Seri , 62.5% F1 female

Seri was out of Falkor and Hanna (Skyhawk’s Hanna of Amara, F2). She produced large litters of F2s, 3-4 big healthy kittens.

A1Savannahs Chiku of Amara (F1)

Sire: Cheetahe Of Newhorizon (Serval)
Dam: Newhorizon Silvia (1/2 Egyptian Mau – 1/2 Oriental Shorthair)

Chicku was a incredibly gorgeous Silver female. Nice spotting, very Serval type, very long legs and body, great head type, very large girl and an incredible mother. She produced well and was a great foundation cat.

A1Savannahs Kanzi of Amara (F1)

Sire: Morky of Newhorizon (Serval)
Dam: Newhorizon Lulu (Egyptian Mau)

Kanzi was a very Beautiful girl. Extremely typey, beautiful head, long legs and body, great spotting, incredible bushy tail and lovely temperament. She produced well and was a great foundation cat.