Alaina – F6 Savannah

Sue, Hey, I thought I would just give you a quick update on little Dirby… he has taught himself how to pee in the toilet like a person, with no guidance from any of us. I really think he identifies with himself as a person instead of a cat, and thinks its perfectly natural to use the toilet. Or.. not. But either way, it makes cleaning the litter box ALOT better! He has had a growth spurt recently and has FINALLY started filling out width-wise instead of just growing longer and longer. He still eats like a starving little pig and will eat as much meat (he prefers raw steak and hamburger or cooked chicken) as we are willing to give him. I think at this point, he can outeat any person I know when it comes to all things meat. He is a real kick in the pants and the sweetest little (still growling all the time) thing on earth. I’m moving (again) in a few months, but when we get settled I will try to get some more pictures and send them to you. Hope you are doing well!

Talk to you soon, Alaina (F6 male)