Atticus – F1 Savannah

Hi Sue, We had a great day today. Atticus is much more comfortable around Alan. You were right about his appetite. I’m feeding him 3 oz. 4x per day with a little snack before bed and he cleans the plate each time. I swear he’s grown an inch each direction since Friday. Right now he’s dead asleep next to me after a long bout of play. Sleeps curled under my chin. We went to bed at 10 pm last night and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He was up bouncing on me for a few minutes at 2:30 then went back to sleep until 5. I think that is an ungodly hour to get up, especially on Sunday, so I put him in the bathroom and he stayed quiet until I got up at 6. I posted a couple of pics in The Atticus Diaries.

Alan is totally smitten with him. Lays on the floor with a goofy grin on his face when they’re playing. He is a bit jealous of me getting to stay at home with Atticus all day. Good grief, I hope he doesn’t decide to retire. We’d have to take out loans to keep Atticus fed. LOL.

‘Nite, D.

There are no words that adequately describe how we feel about him — love, adoration, awe all seem so inadequate. It’s such a spiritual connection and it’s humbling sometimes, the level of trust and love that he shows us. You’re used to living with F1s so I know you understand what I’m trying to say. He’s fundamentally different than my other 3 yet the same. Can’t put it in words and it’s frustrating. We are so blessed to share our lives with him.

“Our Atticus is a beast of a cat. 23″ torso and 20″ at the shoulder, which would make him Guinness record holder for the tallest cat. Thought you might like to know that you bred a record breaker. Love from me and the wrecking ball.” He is now 25 pounds and a magnificent boy!