Dakarai – F2 Savannah

Hi Sue,

I wanted to give you an update on Dakarai. He adjusted well in no time. It takes him about five seconds to decide that you’re his favorite person and start his purr motor. He is such a happy cat (hence his name which means happiness or full of joy). He made friends with my dog, Spot, and Yoda (my other kitty). He is so much fun to watch and play with. He isn’t afraid of anything and is curious about everything. He is a busy kitten. He plays in Spot’s water bowl and floods the kitchen almost daily (Yoda likes to flood my kitchen too so I’m used to it). On top of having a great personality, he has great markings and type. I will keep you posted about how he does. He is really doing great!


Just wanted to let you know he made it up here safely. He is gorgeous. The pictures I have from before don’t do him justice. It was so cute when he got home, because the moment I set his crate down in my room he starting purring and hasn’t stopped. He walked out of his crate and started asking for attention. You raise some pretty amazing kittens! I will keep you updated on how he is doing.

Thanks so much!