Duma – F1 Savannah Cat

Hi Sue!

Well, Duma is as adorable, if not destructive, as ever!

Let’s see, we have lost numerous phone chargers to chewing, he unplugged the cable one night, he loves the strings on the blinds, he will steal a bag of bread if we leave it on the counter, he chews tissues and any sort of paper he can find, and he runs along the top of the duct work in the middle of the night which sounds like an intruder. And don’t turn your back unless you want a surprise visitor landing on your shoulder or back! We try to wear him out, but a short nap later, he’s got a second and third wind combined. He will get involved in anything you are trying to do. Our house, despite the destruction he causes, has never been cleaner. This is mostly out of fear of what he will do with any food or other items left out. :

But, we just can’t help but adore him. He’s the best cat ever!

He typically wakes us up just before the morning alarm goes off so he can burrow down with us under the covers. He accomplishes this by digging with his front feet until he finds an opening. He loves to talk and talk, and complain and complain if anyone will listen. He plays with the dog; she chases him around and around the house and he jumps on the couch and tries to attack her from the top. He is still a big snuggler and very loving. He doesn’t meet anyone he is afraid of; if company comes, he just marches right up to them and demands to be petted or held. People are his! And what a handsome boy! He’s already larger than our other cat; we can only guess how long he is going to get! OH, and he is eating us out of house and home! He especially loves the nights they get boiled chicken; talk about a loud ruckus!

I attached a few pictures; it’s hard to capture him so it’s always while he is sleeping LOL.

All in all, he is doing great!
Hope all is well!

Our baby is awesome! He’s now a whopping 14lb. Everyone loves him and he is very social. I just love him sooooo much. His little face is so precious. I am no longer a “dog person.” A big deal for me. He is very social, and spends time in everyone’s room. Still teething and gnawing through all our favorite stuff, but that’ll teach us to put our things away. The dogs are at least good for prey, and Duma loves attacking them. He is actually starting to settle down a bit. But, he still thinks the blanket is his momma. He’s ready for suckling every morning. 🙂 Mignon ( AKA Duma 7 month old F1 53% male )

Hi Sue!

I just have to begin by saying how much we love this kitten! He is beyond awesome. We can tell that you raised him with love and kindness; he is so trusting in everything we do with him! He has adjusted wonderfully; he talks a lot and wants to be with us constantly. He has so many neat little quirks! What a wonderful little guy he is.

I am attaching some photos for you to see. He is growing quickly!

Thanks so much for letting us have him; we simply adore him!!!