Raphelle – F3 Savannah Female

Hi Sue! I’m just dropping you a note to tell you how well Zelda is doing. She adjusted so quickly we were amazed – literally overnight. She eats like a little piggy – so hungry. She has no problem with using the litter box, knows her name, knows mommy from daddy (has a special way of calling when she wants me), and is a delight. She even comes when we call her, and learns everything at lightning speed. She is into EVERYTHING so, like new parents, we are trying to cat proof any danger zones in the house. She will be in the bedroom during the day, so I’m busily installing cord protectors, etc. to keep her safe and she seems to understand what NO means. She sleeps through the night without crying, loves to run and play, and seems to be a very happy kitten, purring and napping in her daddy’s arms and giving me kisses all over my face. We are crazy about her! I will send pictures as we snap them -we didn’t want to “flash” her for a few days but I’ll bet she is a ham, too (she is spunky!).Thanks so very much! Raphelle L. (F3 female)