Zeke – F2 Savannah

Zeke arrived here in one piece at 10 pm our time, made the circumference
of our bedroom 8 times without his feet touching the ground 6 times,
devoured a double portion of raw food, and the last time I checked, he was
sleeping on my husband’s head….Mark will be taking him for his wellness
check today and this weekend I will be making an appointment for his
third set of shots. What can I say? A cutie, a force of nature- he will
set our household on its ear and we will love every minute of it! Our
Maine Coon has his nose stuck out a mile because he was shut out of the
bedroom last night but he will adjust- and I do believe if they make
friends, his days of boredom are over!

Sue, Just wanted you to know that Zeke is doing fine- his appetite is
excellent- he had his wellness visit with the vet yesterday and is
adjusting beautifully- he no longer wishes to be confined to the bedroom
and escapes at every opportunity- unfortunately Charlie is not as ready as
Zeke to be friends so we will keep them separate for the time
being….according to my husband, Zeke caused great excitement at the vets
yesterday as the vet techs each took turns having a glimpse of Zeke- he is
a gorgeous well mannered kitten but very opinionated- a wonderful
combination, and busy, busy, busy…..
Just a update, Ramona

Sue, Just a quick note to let you know how Zeke is doing- he and our Maine
Coon, Charlie, are doing quite well together- they tussle, sleep together,
and look for each other- for the last week Zeke has had the run of the
house- we have a few issues-Zeke likes to eat paper- Charlie did too, but
we are growing some cat grass and we are keeping paper out of his reach
(however he goes into the trash after it so trash cans with lids will be
our next purchase) but we are dealing with that- He really does not like
dry food, so he will continue to enjoy his raw diet 2 to 3 times per day
until his growing is done, as I want him to grow big and strong, and then
we will see- he really enjoys fish (cat food – natural variety) and gets
that occasionally. I can see why savannahs are considered so trainable- he
learns very quickly but ,like all really good cats, is stubborn (a trait I
quite admire). In short, we love him and he loves us with a particular
fondness for the person who feeds him (me.) Your website tells the truth,
you raise kittens who are smart, well socialized, healthy and strong-

Sue, Thought you might like to have a few pictures of Zeke- he continues to
amaze me with his intelligence, his capacity to love, and the
incredible things he does!