Zulu – 75% F1 Savannah

“Hi Sue: Zulu is doing awesome! He nibbles on his dry food throughout the day (but not much), he loves his turkey treat (I roll it in dry food first). He has his milk 3x day and he sucks it- I don’t have to squeeze! Everyone loves him! My brother and his family came over yesterday and my nephews could not get enough of him. He is such a character. He had his bath yesterday-he doesn’t like it, but he tolerates it. He is really becoming attached to me, and has a meow that is special just for me- kinda like he is talking to me. I am so happy I have him! As soon as I take pictures I will get him to you. Janet (75% F1 male)”

“Hi Sue, Zulu is doing awesome! I am sooo happy I have him! (I think my husband is jealous – oh well) I will send you some pics soon. He already had his shot. The vet is really good. She is proud of him! She already had contacted two different specialty vets, one of whom actually only specializes in servals, to pick their brains. She was more than well prepared when I brought him in! I think you would like her!”